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solar chager bag

Model No.︰TYNB-011
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰300 pc
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Product Description
Solar  bicycle  bag
The Solar bicycle bag is suit for various electronic devices such as example (various cell phones, IPODs, MP3/MP4, IPHONES, Blackberry’s ,radio etc…)  The  Solar bicycle bag is composed of a sturdy mesh black nylon material. This Solar bicycle bag has one sturdy adjustable shoulder straps. It has one(8.27 x2.76) inch Solar panels on the top of the bag that are used to directly collect the sunlight and convert the sunlight energy to direct electricity that can be stored in the units portable battery box.  In which the electronic energy that stored in the portable power box can be used to power various electronic items.  The portable unit power box comes with each Solar bicycle bag unit. This box has a range of voltage that ranges from (3.7v-4.2v:5V-9V). The various voltages are used to supply energy to various types of electronic devices.
  This Solar back pack has various uses such as Examples below:
1.)    Various Outdoor Activities (Hiking, Camping etc…)especially for the person by bicycle
2.)    Alternative power supply for electronic devices
3.)    Emergency Situations (Power Outages)
The Solarville Solar Lap Top Back Pack comes with the following device attachments:
1.)    1x (5V-9V.3.7v-4.2v) Portable Power Box
2.)    1 x Connector Cord for the portable battery box to connect to the solar panel unit
3.)    1 x cigarette car charger unit
4.)    1 x Connector Cord to connect to the portable power box for the various types of electronic devices such as (Various Cell Phones, IPODS, Blackberry’s, Bluetooth’s Portable GPS, Sky caddy’s, etc…)
5.)    7 x Inter-changeable adaptors/connectors that are used to power various electronic items such as (Various Cell Phones, IPODS, Blackberry’s, Bluetooth’s, Portable GPS, Sky caddy’s etc…)

The Solar bicycle bag has two compartments to store various electronic devices.   This Solar bicycle bag also has various other compartments to carry such things as Example (wallet, purse, loose change, credit cards, pens, notebooks, cell phone etc…).
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